Welcome all. This is going to be a slightly different, and hopefully longstanding game for us all to play. I will have no set storyline for you guys to follow. None at all. That’s not to say there are not things going on in the world that you can partake in, change, or even start yourselves. I’m just saying that you guys will be in more control of this than anything I, or probably you too, have ever played in.

I would call it somewhat of a sandbox, however that really doesnt seem to fit since you guys will be starting on a boat. I will give you some degree of flexibility as to what kind of boat and captain you will be under in the beginning, and this will also be based off of your character’s backstories, motivations, and tolerances.

Also, after you guys get some degree of familiarity with the world and your backstories, I would request that we all sit down (together or in small groups) to figure out how long everyone has known each other and how as well as their individual relationships with each other.

Here are some links for you for now.

Races & Cultures

The Pantheon of Gods

A Primer on the Reztian Isles

Reztian Isles

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